Richard Jones' Log: More Shuttle HTPC woes

Wed, 12 Oct 2005

I finally got the HTPC running MythTV so it could tune the TV. That required me copying some MySQL database rows from a friend, and then shaking a dead chicken in front of the TV while it did a full scan (really, other tools just worked.)

So this morning it makes a funny sound when it turns on. I think nothing of it until Rachel says that the picture's a little funny. I fiddle and eventually realise that the video card is overheating. A little further investigation shows that the case fan is stopped. It's the only fan in the system (excluding the PSU fans, which don't cool the system down at all). Whoops.

I swapped the heat-pipe fan out and put in a spare fan I have - which doesn't quite fit because standard 80mm fans are 2.5cm thick, and the heat-pipe fan is 1.5cm thick. Ho hum. Anyway, I managed to get it all together and plugged in ... and the new fan doesn't work either. Or rather, the fan controller isn't working. Fortunately the motherboard has a (redundant) second case fan socket, and it is working. I swapped the original fan back in too since the replacement fan is quite noisy (even though I paid a fair amount of money for it originally because it was supposed to be quiet ... I don't think I've ever actually heard a noisier fan).

I have no idea what could cause one system fan controller to go bust and not take them all out. I really hope the problem decides to stay isolated.

Comment by Blazde on Tue, 28 Feb 2006

My shuttle SK83G has been making those funny noises for a few months. I assumed (or hoped maybe) it was the gfx card fan and I could just put in a spare one when it eventually broke. Did that today when it kept freezing during boot and yeah you got it the noise/freezes are still there.

Worrying to hear it might be something fatal to do with the fan controller, guess I'll go look into that now before ordering the replacement fan. Thanks for the heads up.


Comment by Jason C. Kay on Sun, 27 Aug 2006

I've been fighting a Shuttle case running MythTV for just over two years now. I've never been able to put the cover on the damn thing. I've had to add a little desktop fan situated beside the case to help move air through the system. Finally, I can't let the room get over 70�F or the damn box overheats.

I feel your pain. Best of luck with it!

Comment by Dean Ryan on Thu, 15 Feb 2007

Shuttle gfx and mainboard fan failures seem all too common with me.

I've had a Radeon 9800 pro pack up with a fan failure after overheating.

I've had a shuttle fan port (SB51G) fail when it was still under warranty and got the box replaced - it's now completely dead out of warranty 3 years later. Powers up but that's it - stays on full power and doesn't get to a POST screen.

Current SB75G2 shuttle has a fairly unwell 6800GT card which runs very hot (around 85-90 deg idle). Personally when I go for the next PC I'm not getting a small one again. This one is also very noisy and most of it is the gfx card - despite what anyone says they are NOT high end gaming PCs.