Tue, 24 Sep 2002
Heh, Roundup's pretty neat ;)

I'm giving a presentation on October the 8th to SAGE Victoria. I was a little stuck as to what I'd actually talk about so I asked some people. They told me to just say what Roundup was, what can be done with it, where it's going, how it compares. You know, the usual stuff.

So I've thrown together some slides, complete with screenshots. And in the process, I've convinced myself that Roundup's really cool :)

Mind you, I'm avoiding talking about comparisons - I'm far too biased, and people should make up their own minds based on the information I give them. I can also point them at the NTK writeup :) (mind you, the scalability issues have been addressed in the 0.5 release, big time)

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Truth lost in noise

Via gimbo, here's an old article talking about "a mathematical model of the stock market, which shows that chaotic ups and downs happen because of the actions of the traders, not because of any real change in the underlying value of the stocks".

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I do love a pretty video game :)
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Star Destroyer LEGO, biggest ever sold
And at US$295, quite a bargain. Go see it.
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Google aggregates news, big time

Wow... and wow, Australian style...

Hahaha... news on "Alien Invaders" gets hits, but they're kinda boring today :)

via The Reg

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