Wed, 25 Sep 2002
Buffy season seven starts up in the U.S.

From Rachel:

"Buffy Season Seven has started in the US, so I suggest ceasing communications with the Northern Hemisphere until next March. I've already been *spoiled*. Grr."

So, don't visit the Buffy website, don't read any articles on the web with "Buffy" in the title, and don't even browse the Salon site - they're famous for spoiling one of the biggest events in the last season in a f*king headline.

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So we'll be invading Israel now?
Apparently we're going to invade Iraq because of it ignoring UN Security Council resolutions. OK, so finally a resolution came through that the US didn't veto out-of-hand, and Israel's ignoring it. So we'll be invading them now, yes?
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