Wed, 02 Oct 2002
Is that who I think it is...

Interesting choice of casting (ta kate)

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Roundup 0.5.0 is out the door

... what a relief ...

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The US gets increasingly desperate

The US is rapidly losing its tenuous reasoning behind attacking Iraq. So before anyone can go in and potentially prove the US is just making all this shit up, they have to attack. "The US is demanding the UN Security Council pass a final resolution detailing possible military action before the inspectors return."

Who's the f*king rogue state now?

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Fight piracy -- regulate toy cash registers!
Princeton professor Ed Felten "has launched a site, called Fritz's Hit List, that points out devices that could be forced to carry anti-copying technology if Sen. Fritz Hollings', D-S.C., Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (CBDTPA) passes. The bill, which is designed to thwart piracy, would restrict digital products that don't carry government-approved security technology." (from

Can't wait 'till we Aussies get one of our own!

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More on python API documentation

I played with the docutils python documentation sandbox yesterday, but it's got a fair way to go. I'm going to have another look at it today.

I just ran epydoc over the Roundup source. It was a tedious affair as it isn't very smart about documenting packages. The structure of the output was very nice though.

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