Sun, 06 Oct 2002
Timesplitters 2 looking promising

With first impressions like:

TimeSplitters 2 is already looking like the answer to every console owning FPS fan's dream

... the controls are the sweetest, most responsive we've ever come across for a console FPS. Gone are the days of making wild lurching movements as you attempt to move yourself around. Suddenly the PS2 Dual Shock feels like it was positively made for games of this type. For the first time, the old "I wish I could use a keyboard and mouse" moans are becoming redundant.

The visuals are also stylistically beyond just about anything attempted on the previously humble PS2.

... I start seriously thinking about my Christmas Season game list :)

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Fisk "He's not meant to accept this."
Robert Fisk points out the clauses in the latest Security Council Resolution against Iraq that are desgined to ensure war.
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