Tue, 08 Oct 2002
IRAQ ATTACKS US: Pre-empts Pre-emptive strike

From The Chaser:

BAGHDAD, Thursday: Saddam Hussein has launched a pre-emptive strike on the United States to prevent it from pre-emptively striking Iraq first. Hussein said he has intelligence that the US had developed weapons of mass destruction and planned to use them to attack Iraq.
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Report: President Bush Has Lowest IQ of All Presidents of Past 50 Years

See the analysis on urbanlegends. Some of the "report" is pretty funny though:

Among comments made concerning the specific testing of President G. W. Bush, his low ratings were due to his apparent difficulty to command the English language in public statements, his limited use of vocabulary (6,500 words for Bush versus an average of 11,000 words for other presidents), his lack of scholarly achievements other than a basic MBA, and an absence of any body of work which could be studied on an intellectual basis. The complete report documents the methods and procedures used to arrive at these ratings, including depth of sentence structure and voice stress confidence analysis.
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A masterful spin on a common scam: I am the widow of the late President George W. Bush ...

Some of the comments are pretty special too :)

ta, anthony

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Yeah, this is an old story, but I wanted to make sure it hit my archives ;)

Dungeonmaker creates labyrinths and dungeons using artificial life methods. Is very neat, and I need to use it in something, someday...

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