Fri, 11 Oct 2002
Yay, the drug charges are going away

The prosecutors trying to nab Winona on felony drug charges have realised it'll never stand up in court (apparently buying a cheaper version of prescription drugs is not actually a felony after all). They're still going all out (ie. felony grand theft and vandalism) for her alleged shoplifting of $4000+ of store goods. To repeat the relevant bit from the Slate article last week:

... of all 5,000 grand theft felony cases filed in Los Angeles County last year, not one defendant was facing penalties as harsh as Ryder's. In fact, in all cases involving theft exceeding the amount alleged in Ryder's case, the defendants received standard misdemeanor plea deals. The district attorney's office has refused to accept a plea for anything less than a felony in Ryder's case.

It's really starting to look like someone at the L.A. district attorney's office really wants to take down a celebrity. At the moment, it's unclear what the penalty for the remaining charges would be.

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Great bumper-sticker idea

As seen in a comment on "They're Trying To Give Our Kids The Gay!"...

Lord, protect me from your followers

on morons.

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More worthwhile geek wear

Courtesy of The Reg and NTK: wearable in-jokes for outcasts. Heh, the "404 /shirt/tie not found" is back in stock. The viral marketing design is my favourite though - it's always kinda stuck in my head for some reason ;)

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What the US President Wants Us To Forget

Robert Fisk summarises the facts that the US population are being forced to forget to support invading Iraq.

... let's list exactly what we really must forget if we are to support this madness.

Older news, but relavent here is the Institute for Public Accuracy "Detailed Analysis of October 7 Speech by Bush on Iraq".

from Common Dreams

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