Wed, 16 Oct 2002
Python 2.2.2 released

The second patch release for Python 2.2 is out.

I seem to be following an odd-release-number (1.5, 2.1) rule at present. I've only peripherally played with 2.2 - mostly to check that Roundup works with it.

I guess the biggest concern is that I'll start using the doovy new features in Roundup and I'll force prospective users to upgrade too. I'd rather not do that just yet - I'll wait until the Linux vendors get themselves up to the 2.2 mark before I jump. Redhat's done that, which is good - but realistically no-one uses a ".0" Linux release ;) I'm not sure where the other vendors are at...

Hurm, 2.2 does include the new email package ... that'd be really nice to integrate into the mail handling parts of Roundup.

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