Tue, 22 Oct 2002
Ouch, Bush ... enhances his facts

It's a bit longish from the Washington Post, of all papers...

via anthony

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Python module catalog now online...

A little more hacking, and the modules are up and running. Copy register.py to your python lib "distutils/command" directory (typically something like "/usr/lib/python2.1/distutils/command/"). Then run "setup.py register" in the way you normally run your distutils setup command. Your package should then be listed here...

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distutils, pkg-info and searching

On the train this morning, I quickly hacked together:

  1. register.py (not complete) -- a command class definition for distutils that HTTP POSTs the distribution metadata to a URL (would default to .. oh .. something on python.org)
  2. config.py, store.py and webui.py (not complete) --- handle the HTTP side of things, using sqlite to store the metadata submitted (keyed off name, version)

So the intention is that just after people run "setup.py sdist" the also run "setup.py register" which registers the distribution's metadata with the searchable server.

There's a bit more work to go, but the basics are there. I'll be setting the web UI up on mechanicalcat as a test run. The ask for feedback. This is my attempt to just geting something done so we can kick-start a python module repository. Don't care how the next step proceeds (uploading of actual distributions) ... don't care. Gotta get something out...

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US sniper shootings part of anti-gun conspiracy

That's the word from the gun nuts.

Maybe they should get themselves out to see a movie and try to calm down.

And on the subject of an anti-gun rally, the nuts had this to say:

The state's largest gun-grabbing group will hold its yearly group-grope on the Federal Plaza on Monday. Certainly all the antigun politicians will be there tripping all over each other to see who will portray themselves as being the most antigun. Intermixed with all the damning statements about the NRA (most of the folks in the crowd can't even spell NRA) will be silly awards for silly poems and a sappy story from some mom whose honor student kid was gunned down at 3 a.m. on his way home from the library to choir practice.
Of course, we'll hear how the little angel wanted to be a doctor. Question, how come all these dead kids wanted to be doctors? Obviously, wanting to be a doctor is the problem, not guns.

On this subject, here's a conversation from the talkback radio from GTA3:

"Al-right, another award-winning show on Chatterbox. Today we're talking about anything, it seems. If you have something to say about anything, call now. Hello caller. You're on Chatterbox"
"Yeah, hi, I love the show, love hearing people's opinions, that's what made this country great. People. And opinions. And stuff. Most of all, guns. I've had it with people whining about 'guns kill people,' guns don't kill people, death kills people. Ask a doctor, it's a medical fact. You can't die from a bullet. You can die from a cardiac arrest or organ failure or a major hemorrhage, small piece of metal ain't the problem. Besides, I only use my machine-gun in the safety of my own home and car. I ain't hurting nobody. And countries that don't have guns ain't American."
"Y-you know that's a really good point. Countries that don't have guns aren't American. You know, if more people had guns, we'd have less shootings in this country."

... just the kind of argument one could imagine these people using. Only one of these is not real. Sometimes I'm really, really glad I don't live in the US.

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