Tue, 05 Nov 2002
Grand Theft Solid

Woo.. another one for the stocking. It's a good thing EB will halve the price when I trade in two of my old PS games...

Allegedly 40 square kilometres of England's filthy capital, so the blurb goes, and the Free Roaming mode allows you to do just that. Starting off parked outside Sony UK's Great Marlborough street offices in the heart of seedy Soho, you can set off for a drive, and very quickly it's apparent that The Getaway is an astonishing technical achievement at the very least. Anyone with even a fleeting knowledge of London won't have any trouble recognising the city's famous landmarks. And even if you don't, grab yourself a London A to Z and plan your route in advance?
Thus The Getaway is part fun driving capers from A to B, mixed with indoor killing fests. With all the pre release focus mainly directed at the driving aspect, it's pleasing to discover that it's even more fun to engage in armed combat. In this respect The Getaway shares more than a little in common with stealth based action games such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and Operation Winback.
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