Thu, 07 Nov 2002
Buf of course nudity is in the same basket as realistic violence

These f@#$%@#$ idiots can't see their way to allowing adult imagery (ie. nudity) into video games because ... wait for it ... because they don't want realistic violence in video games. The two are inseperable in their eyes. I don't even want to imagine what kind of upbringing brought about that sort of world view.

This is all despite (according to Beverly Jenkin, chief executive of the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia):

more than 70 per cent of players in Australia are older than 18, and 20 per cent are more than 39 years old

I also find it interesting that in the US, the larger chain stores will not be selling BMX XXX because it has nudity, but they have no qualms at all with selling Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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