Fri, 08 Nov 2002
PyPI PEP has a number now

My PyPI Python Enhancement Proposal is now official: PEP 301

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Liberal party lies, damned lies and an inability to count

According to the Liberal party, the Labor government has put on 17,000 new bureaucrats since gaining power. The only problem is that:

"They've been caught out doctoring the numbers ..." Mr Brumby said.
... Liberals assume that any public employee who is not a teacher, nurse or policeman must be a bureaucrat ...
Public employees include hospital cleaners, youth workers, foresters and national parks rangers, museum curators, scientists, teachers aides, firefighters and building inspectors. One in 10 Victorians works for state government departments and agencies, and not too many of these people are bureaucrats. A minor problem is that the bureau figures include all staff of universities, which are nominally state institutions yet under Commonwealth control.

from theage

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