Wed, 27 Nov 2002
This Greenish election

The Greens are increasing their popularity with every election in Australia and this one isn't any different. I actually got to talk to my local Green candidate (Bill Pemberton) this morning at the train station. I walked past the Liberal candidate yesterday because I've received half a dozen letter drops from him, so I know exactly what he stands for.

I don't like the Greens' chances in my electorate. Most voters are single- issue. Cutting the traffic on Springvale Road, through the building of the Scoresby freeway (er, or is it the Mitcham freeway these days...) The Greens on the other hand oppose the freeway, and believe that public transport should be boosted instead.

Their tough lines on energy and water (create jobs by investing in water saving measures and renewable energy industries (the largest growth industry in the world) rather than through setting up artificial energy retailers giving us the illusion of choice we ultimately don't need) are also very appealing.

All in all, Bill was quite reasonable to talk to - certainly not a "radical left-wing voice". And that reminds me about my intended rant yesterday. How far to the right can Crikey lean before all the lefties who signed up to him desert... I realise that I'm not a paid subscriber, so I really can't whinge and expect a response :)

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Extraordinary terrain generation

A friend has been looking at terrain generation systems for a while, and found some amazing examples of the state of the art (note: one of those images is real, the other generated).

The Virtual Terrain Project is a great resource if you're interested in the subject.

ta, rupert

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