Thu, 28 Nov 2002
PyPI, PyFi and Roundup: a roundup...

I've been working with Toby on the Ogg/MP3 player interface, now named PyFi. Total time spent on it now includes four train rides and a bit over two hours of other time - a total of about five hours (no idea how long Toby spent on the original track listing widget). That's a screenshot of it on the left, showing the minimalist interface and the more useful track/playlist interface. I've selected an album and a single track to play. It's replaced Noatun now as my music playing program.

PyPI is coming along too - slowly adding features (most recently the web roles listing, obscuring email addresses and the saving of the user's login info to ~/.pypirc). I've been thinking that I need to sort the revisions of packages when new revisions are added (using the distutils.version.LooseVersion class to order them). I'll store the ordering in the database as an additional release attribute. The index would then pick the latest version to show, unless the "stable_version" flag is set, and the "hidden" flag is false. Just have to make it less overhead for the submitter - so that if they only want to use the "register" command, they don't have to log into the web interface to edit stuff to hide older releases. Well, that's the plan anyway.

And Roundup... well, I'm very much in user maintenance mode ;) I've got a few bugfixes backed up, and some nice feature patches too. I think I'll get the time/energy to work on this again when PyPI is done. I'll want to get cracking on the tracker once PyPI is done. I guess I really need to draw the line in the sand at which point I can say "enough of PyPI is done, what say you official python people?"

That's kinda scary though ;)

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