Sat, 30 Nov 2002
Victorian election results: Labor back in a landslide

It was inevitable, but kinda fun to watch anyway. The result of yesterday's election is that Labor have total control of the lower house of parliament, and are likely to control the upper house. Green vote was up by 10%, Libs vote down by 10%.

I watched the coverage on the ABC and it was really interesting that almost no-one thought that the incredible polling by the greens meant anything. Either they're really quite stupid, or they're hoping that the Greens will just "go away" in the same way that the ultra-right of Hanson has. The only commentator willing to say anything was the ABC's election analyst - and the potentials included a rep from the Libs and Labor and two anchors from the ABC. He alluded to some of the following, without actually saying it and without any of it being picked up on by the anchors...

Just a short run-down of the political landscape in Australia as I see it:

  1. Liberal - unlike their name, they are far from liberal, but rather the far-right conservatives
  2. Labor - slightly left-of-center (but with factions all over the place) and have been slowly moving to the right for quite some time. The biggest indicator in recent times was the Federal election in which they sided with the conservatives on social policy
  3. Greens - far-left and staying there
  4. Democrats - hell, who knows ;)

So we've got all the old right-of-center voters (oh, about 10%) who used to think that the Libs were OK deciding that Labor is the less nutty of the two. Then we've got a bunch of voters who used to think that Labor was socially responsible (hey, lookit that, another 10%) who have now switched to the real left-wing party.

And yet the Libs just kinda sit there stunned, not having a clue why they're not getting any votes. They were sent this message last election, when they were dumped from power. Maybe they'll get the message this time. And maybe, just maybe Labor might also sit up and listen to all the people deserting to the Greens.

In fact, on reflection the message from the two major party reps at the broadcast:

Glad it's over really.

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Federation Square website

I loaded up the Federation Square website the other day to find out more about some film screenings I'd heard about on RRR. Gah, what a shocker of a site.

Leaving aside the distracting (superfluous) animations, the non-intuitive user interface, the difficulty of finding any useful information (go on, try to find information about film screenings)... Any information you do find is jammed in to that tiny box in the middle of the screen. It's like they're admitting that they have no valuable information to display.

I was so irate, I sent an email. Fortunately, the response I got had the information I needed - a link to the ACMI website where I found information, specifically about the digital cinema program.

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