Fri, 13 Dec 2002
Quick list of the games I'm interested in this xmas...

It's a pain to trawl the review sites every time I need to figure out which game I might like, so I've made a list.

Aggressive Inline - Rollerblading
Armored Core 3 - Mech beat-em-up with construction
Dropship - United Peace Force - Flight and driving sim
Fatal Frame - Scary ghost snap-em-up
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City - More of the same
Kingdom Hearts - Square and Disney in good RPG shock
Kings Field - The Ancient City - RPG excellence on the PS2
Legend of Alon Dar - RPG-em-up
The Mark of Kri - Adventure beat-em-up with excellent combat and stealth
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 - Skate-em-up
Tsugunai - RPG-em-up

Not that I'm hinting or anything ;)

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