Wed, 18 Dec 2002
Roundup, PyFi...

The Roundup mailing lists have been running hot lately - almost more messages than I can reasonably keep up with. The questions on the development list in particular are taking up a fair amount of time. It's encouraging that so many people are interested in the software though, and it's helping the software become much more stable.

I've also continued my quest for the perfect ogg/mp3 player, and have re-written the tracklist tree widget in PyFi so it combines the artist:album view with the filesystem view (only falling back on the latter if the former information isn't available). This results in quite a well-organised display. There's still lots of bugs, so there won't be a release any time soon... but I'm using it and happy :)

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Well, that list got mighty short, mighty quickly

The list of 11 games that I had on my wishlist was whittled down to a choice between the 3 that are actually available on these shores. I'm going to be happy with the game I will eventually get, but it's a real shame I just don't have the choice.

Regionalisation really, really stinks. If the Australian distributors don't pick up their game, I think I'll get my PS2 mod-chipped (since it's been pronounced legal in this country even if it's not elsewhere) so I can bypass their restrictive supply catalogues.

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