Sun, 05 Jan 2003
This is why Open Source rules...

I got a message on the roundup-users mailing list:

I've been studying the source code for the
file and was wondering....

why is there under the set() and create() methods, both,
a fireAuditors and a fireReactors invocation, but there
is no such invocation in the retire() function?

Seems inconsistent based on the rest of the code.

And indeed it's inconsistent - it's a bug. One that I probably wouldn't have noticed because I don't trigger that behaviour in any of my applications (and sadly I didn't have a unit test for it, but will now :) Yet one of the users of Roundup happened to look through the code and noticed the error. That rocks...

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PEP code checked in...

Thanks to amk the PEP 301 code for Python 2.3 is checked in! (the test server has been running here for a while now)

Yay, and I've got the bits working - except for having the cgi-bin write back to the database. Needs sysadmin clues there. I got some valuable user feedback (read: bug report) too, which helps immensely.

I need to work on the look for it too...

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