Tue, 07 Jan 2003
Apple's new "Safari" browser uses KDE components

Apple's finally releasing their own web browser. I always thought it strange that they didn't provide at least a basic non-IE browser... but I guess there's a lot of factors involved.

The fun part for me is this - extending my "why Open Source rules" post on Sunday:

For its Web page rendering engine, Safari draws on software from the Konqueror open source project. Weighing in at less than one tenth the size of another open source renderer, Konqueror helps Safari stay lean and responsive. And of course, being a good open source citizen, Apple shares its enhancements with the Konqueror open source community.

So OSX gets a kickin' web browser, and we KDE users get more people poring over and improving the Konqueror code. That's cool. See some of the email on the subject, from the sources:

via dot.kde.org

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