Sat, 11 Jan 2003
Anthony's rants, now for all to share :)

Anthony's finally got his weblog online. Lots of ranty goodness there. Of course, this means I don't get my handy list of rant URLs direct via goofey anymore, which is sad :)

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Eurogamer list of top 50 games for 2002 is up

Ico screenshot The Eurogamer staff have listed their picks for top games on any platform for 2002. Their top 50 includes commentary on why they've chosen the particular game, or in some cases why a game hasn't rated higher.

I can't really comment on any platform other than PS2 - but comments from site (eg. the comments for the top 10) indicate that the gaming community support the bulk of the decisions. In the end, Ico came out number one, surprising very few. In the words of the Eurogamer staff:

Actually, it was weird, of all the games in the top 50, ICO at No.1 prompted the least argument among the staff.

The 50 are here, split into reasonable chunks: 50-31, 30-11 and 10-1.

Other users have noted that the top 10 games lists 7 PS2 games, and not one PC game. It might not be the most powerful platform, but the games are still the best...

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