Thu, 23 Jan 2003
PyPI working on creosote!

Well, the final big hurdle in the PyPI project was to get the server-side software running on the server, "creosote".

Today, with huge thanks to Thomas Wouters, I finally got the pypi sandbox, apache config and all the rest all working. I won't tell you the URL yet because I'd like to coordinate the annoucement of the "real" server with the second alpha of Python 2.3. Fortunately the users who have already installed the register command will still be able to submit to the index even after the move, and I'll be able to tell them in a reasonable manner. I've made sure the command handles HTTP responses other than 200 sanely. This means when I make the move I can just have the server respond with a 302 "go over here instead", and if we need to do maintenance, I can have the server respond with 503 "down for maintenance, come back later".

Thanks to plugs from all over, it's getting much more popular, and I'm going to be working on the Trove browser as a priority now.

Thanks to everyone who's submitted their package info to the index so far!

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