Fri, 24 Jan 2003
Roundup 0.5.5 is out

Another maintenance release of Roundup, my issue tracking software, is out. Still plugging away at the 0.6 codebase, but slowly - at the moment I'm focused on work and a little bit of PyPI.

On the PyPI subject, I got the trove classifier editing part of the form going on the train this morning. I spent the last bit of the trip in the city loop (Melbourne's underground train line that just loops around the CBD) implementing a "latest changes" view and then an RSS feed. All of this is now installed on the test server.

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Autotracing some daily photos

Autotrace is a very cool program that, with some tweaking, can produce some very interesting imagery from regular bitmap images (eg. JPEGs). The output is a vector-based image (I've output to PDF) - that means that it's croppable, scalable and printable without a loss of quality. I've collected some of the images from my daily photo collection and autotraced them here.

I've found that the saturated images that the crappy digital camera produces actually work quite well with the tracing. I think that for a while I'm going to actively look for shots that would translate well. Assuming the crappy camera doesn't eat the images before I can download them, that is ;)

The results (PDF and a PNG screengrab from kghostview) are over here...

thanks acb for the pointer.

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