Thu, 30 Jan 2003
Auto-generated Python Programmer Weblog updates page online

I've collected all the RSS feeds from the Python Programmer Weblogs wiki page and am now generating an updates page on the hour using a slightly modified version of pyblagg.

My modifications allow me to turn off rss feeds that "go bad" for whatever reason (at the moment I only do it for feeds that don't datestamp their individual items), and they also let me list weblogs that don't have RSS feeds.

Oh, and no, it doesn't handle timezones at all - at the moment it assumes feed times are in UTC ;)

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"So what's remarkable about these headlines?"

Hurm. I'd done well not posting stuff about U.S. politics for a while, but this one had to be mentioned. Atrios says this is the best weblog entry ever, and I agree. Make sure you read it to the end.

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