Mon, 24 Feb 2003
Resurrect Firefly!

Not that the show has actually aired here ... ehem ... but it really is amazing. Joss Whedon is brilliant. He's created a show that has only one thing in common with Buffy/Angel: it's a show at the pinnacle of storytelling on television. Interesting stories, genuinely new characters, shades of grey, immaculate production, ...

Australian audiences (those without broadband internet) probably will never see the show, and that's a crying shame. I really, really hope that some intelligent TV exec picks Firefly up and resurrects its production. We need more shows like it - instead of the "CSI: Yet Another Spinoff", or "Law & Order: More Of The Same" franchise crap.

A quote from Fox Television Entertainment Chairman Sandy Grushow:

"To put new shows on for two weeks and then take them off for four weeks for baseball is not a particularly effective launch strategy."


Favourite episode so far (we're up to #5) is "Out of gas", with "Jaynestown" a close second :)

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