Fri, 07 Mar 2003
I've been quiet lately...

... because I've changed jobs and have had little time to do anything else. I'm now working for Common Ground Publishing, doing more Zope and Python work (yay!)

Not much else to report on though... except that I'm using OS X again, and that's very cool. Even better, I'm using KDE 3.1 apps seamlessly under OS X. Well, the X11 window manager for OS X, quartz-wm, is seamless, but it lacks a lot of useful generic WM features, and stuffs up some WM hints so KDE apps somtimes don't get window resize handles (or do when they shouldn't). It's nice to be able to use iTunes, OmniGraffle and a bunch of other OS X apps right alongside Konsole, Konqueror (mmm... KIOSlaves) and KMail :)

Oh, and having an antialiased Helvetica is something I'm still getting used to :)

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