Tue, 01 Apr 2003
Upgrade update

Well, the death throes of whatever died in the old computer took out both disks on the IDE chain, and the controller logic. Unfortunately, one of those disks was the /home disk. Lots lost :( I hadn't noticed, but my dodgy backup methodology had missed my .ssh and Mail directories. Ouch.

I'm now sitting in front of a very quickly thrown-together new Athlon system (the minimum spec system I could buy - 1.9GHz would you believe) which replaces the old, now very dodgy, hardware.

The moral of this story ... more regular, complete backups!

While I was at it, I splurged on a Linksys router/switch to take over that role from my desktop. AU$169 well spent, since it's quiet, compact and consumes significantly less power than a real computer :)

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