Mon, 14 Apr 2003
Python is an Agile Programming Language

Kevin Altis and others have devised a much better label for Python than "scripting language" - agile language ("characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble")

Kevin explains:

We still don't have a complete set of tenets, but here's the working list:
  • excellent for beginners, yet superb for experts
  • highly scalable, suitable for large projects as well as small ones
  • rapid development
  • portable, cross-platform
  • embeddable
  • easily extensible
  • object-oriented
  • you can get the job done
  • simple yet elegant
  • stable and mature
  • powerful standard libs
  • wealth of 3rd party packages
And don't forget that with Python, programming is fun again!

This is a work in progress for Kevin as he and others refine this statement.

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