Mon, 18 Aug 2003
CSV module ranting...

<rant>I've been using the CSV module from Object-Craft for quite a while now in various projects, including Roundup. Python's finally gotten itself a built-in CSV module. And early on there was talk of basing it on the Object-Craft module. Except somewhere along the way the entire API was thrown out and designed from scratch. The module still has the same name, so all my code that has "import csv" now breaks. The old API isn't even mutually exclusive with the new one.</rant>


I knew about this before Roundup's 0.6 release, BTW. Time to actually "fix" Roundup is a little lacking though. And the frustration at that makes me feel the need to rant about it now. Hey, I'm just one user who's been put out by this. I think the existence of any csv module in Python outweighs any incovenience to a select few users. But geez, there could've been a compatibility API...

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W00t... Roundup 0.6.0 is finally out!

The demo-mode (instant-gratification mode :) is really neat:

  1. Download Roundup
  2. Unpack Roundup "tar zxf roundup-0-6-0.tar.gz"
  3. "cd roundup-0-6-0"
  4. "python"
  5. Play with the demo tracker

So go play with the package the 0.6.0 release of Roundup.

Other stuff I'm really happy with in this release:

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