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Fri, 28 Mar 2008
The 6th Python game programming challenge is upon us

The 6th Python Game Programming Challenge starts this weekend. Theme voting is underway and there's still plenty of time to sign up. Come along and join in the fun!

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Sat, 22 Mar 2008
PyCon unwind

I'm unwinding from PyCon in my cousin's apartment in Pittsburgh. Mostly this involves catching up with Nat, trying to get some sleep (unsuccessfully - I seem to have some sort of delayed-jetlag insomnia), catch up on email (partially successfully) and dump a bunch of photos from the camera. Photos have been updated and I now have a new title image on my blog page (thanks Toby for the old one :). I've compiled all the panoramas that were worth it and I think there's some nice ones in there. I got some nice photos of Evelyn and the PyAr guys from our downtown touristing (somehow Gui managed to dodge the camera... will have to wait to see Lucio's photos).

It's snowing outside.

Can't wait to be home.

The conference itself met and exceeded expectations. I saw some enlightening talks had some great conversations with some bright people. As already mentioned pyglet was a hit. Bruce was too, which was fun. I think I may have a contributor in Brian Dorsey, who was really nice and had some ideas and made the "python code" (in a presentation page write/edit a python program and hit F4 to execute it) Bruce page work.

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Sun, 16 Mar 2008
PyCon update: talk done!

Well, the pyglet talk's done. The pic above is a little panorama I took about 10 minutes before the presentation (a nice man turned off the incredibly bright spotlight down the other end of the room). The room filled up a lot more as we got closer to the start time with people sitting in the aisles.

The talk went really well, with only one Bruce problem -- I couldn't see the projection screen from the podium. I intend to code up a facility to show the contents of the projection screen on the second screen (ie. laptop) alongside the notes but I just didn't have time. This combined with a very cheap mouse that didn't always click when it was supposed to meant sometimes I was talking to the wrong slide content. Oh well. It was well-received.

Oh, and I couldn't show off the t-shirt I had specially printed and organised delivery to Phil Hassey so I'd have it for the presentation. I was wearing a pullover because it was so damned cold in the presentation room :(

And then there was the BoF afterwards during which I just answered more questions for about an hour.

pyglet's got a considerable buzz here :)

(I have another panorama on flickr that I took during Guido's plenary)

Update: I've uploaded the HTML presentation notes.

Sat, 15 Mar 2008
At PyCon

I'm at PyCon. It's been a pretty busy time so far - have seen a bunch of great talks, have talked to a bunch of great people and have been almost totally let down by technology. My EEE now refuses to charge up, so I'm really glad I brought the work laptop too. Though it's having problems - I can't get onto the wireless network using it, so I've been running in Vista. Fortunately pyglet (and hence Bruce) runs just fine in Vista, so my presentation is going ahead as planned. My work phone isn't working for some reason.

It's good to be here though :)

ps. if you're at PyCon and care, there's going to be a pyglet BOF at 2:45 today, right after the presentation. See the board downstairs.

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Wed, 12 Mar 2008
A new home for Bruce

Bruce project hosting has moved to Google Code.

Thanks for the free lunch, WebFaction :)

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Tue, 11 Mar 2008
Bruce 2.0 updated

I've just put up beta 2 of Bruce the Presentation Tool. I'm not really sticking with the "alpha"/"beta" thing very well as I've added some more features and changed a couple of small things ;) There's some useful stuff in there though like scaling of fonts for the actual fullscreen viewport, fixing up the config/flags confusion, getting plugins working and a bunch of other stuff. See the PyPI page for more info.

I got my EEE PC back from Asus today. The problem with the trackpad / buttons went away which is both a good thing (I can pack it for PyCon) and a bad thing (no-one actually did anything to make it go away).

Bruce runs just fine on the EEE :) The scaling I mention above is really handy to accommodate the EEE's 800x480 screen (Bruce's default res is 1024x768).

PyWeek RSS working again

The RSS auto generation was dropped during some mad editing trying to make diary entry creation work. It's fixed again, and may make up a little for the terrible job I've done promoting PyWeek 6.

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Mon, 03 Mar 2008
Bruce the Presentation Tool 2.0 (beta)

I've released Bruce 2.0 beta 1, yay.

On the project site you can see some screenshots and sample presentation source that was used to generate the screenshots. One of the goals of Bruce is to make it really easy to knock up a quick presentation in a plain-text format. The most basic presentation consists of:

--- text
=This is a title
This is a new line

--- text
=Another page, another title
.You can have bullet points
.If you must
..Even nested ones
...And nestedier ones
.I call this BrucePoint

--- video foot_stomp.mpg

--- py
# generates an interactive Python session (with intro sound)

--- image kitten.jpg
# displays a kitten (and this is a comment)

Note that the above BrucePoint style stuff relies on some post-beta1 changes only in SVN.

Because it's using pyglet it's got some really nice features I've already implemented like the video and audio stuff. Also the screen control is nice too -- have it display the presentation on one screen (projector) and in the other screen (laptop) have the presentation source being displayed (along with your notes embedded in the source). It can display pages of HTML (though it's a little slow), and will be able to display pages of ReStructuredText soon. Hell, if you're on a Mac it can also display PDFs :)

It also generates some nice HTML running notes (which include the "#" comments for reference) which print up quite nicely.

I'm still working on it, and there's some bugs but nothing show-stopping. Still to do transitions, but they're not high on the priority list.

Sun, 02 Mar 2008
I'll be presenting at PyCon

Bruce is being updated for another reason - it's been confirmed that I'll be giving the pyglet presentation at PyCon in Alex's place.

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Bruce, the Presentation Tool gets an update

I've spent the last week or so re-writing Bruce, the Presentation Tool using the new features in pyglet 1.1 and it's been quite a fun and easy experience compared to the old Bruce. It also proved to be a good test case for some of the new features. The new Bruce (which will be released any moment now - I just have some tweaks to make in the Python interpreter) has more features, and is easier to use than the old Bruce. I believe it's also more extensible too.

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pyglet 1.1 alpha 1 released

pyglet 1.1 alpha 1 adds more features than any previous release, including fast graphics routines, formatted text layout, animated GIF support, resource loading, and even some bug fixes. If you're not working in a production environment and can afford some instability, go straight to the download server to grab a source or egg release, and start reading up on all the new features.

This is a pretty exciting release for Alex and myself as it represents the beginning of the added value we wanted to see in pyglet beyond the basic OpenGL + other stuff that appeared in pyglet 1.0 (even though pyglet 1.0 "basic other stuff" like video playback was pretty darned cool.)