Richard Jones' Log: Firefly DVDs

Mon, 15 Dec 2003

We've watched the first disk of the box set now, and it's a nice change from watching the crappy quality downloads:

  • the quality is superb as can be expected, which means that all sorts of little details (including some quieter dialog) are now accessible,
  • the pilot double episode (intended to be the first episode) is a really good introduction to the characters. We'd not seen 'cos it aired way out of order in the US and we'd never got the download.
  • the first commentary we listened to was over the pilot double episode; it's Joss and Nathan and they don't stop talking :)
  • re-watching the next two episodes was fun - they've got a fair deal of re-screen value in them.

So, top marks for the DVDs, and yet more boos for the idiots at Fox for squandering the series. See my previous post about Firefly for more of what I think about the series.